Branding/Project Questionnaire
Awareness of who you are and where you are trying to take your business/product/identity is integral to accurately capturing your vision.  We would like to take a moment to get to know you, please answer each question thoughtfully.
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What is your first name? *

Hi {{answer_10363140}},

Thanks for your interest in The Kreativ Studio!

Your answers will help us build a strong and memorable brand that defines clearly who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different.

About Your Business

What is the name of your organization? *

What are the key points in the history of your business?

Tell us how it all started.
Who are your main competitors? *

If they have websites, include their URLs.
{{answer_10363140}}, what is the single most important thing that sets your business apart from the competition? *

Tell us about your unique competitive advantage and the proof points that attest your value claims.
What is your current placement in your market? *

Where do you consider yourself in the market in relation to your competitors.

About your brand

What are you branding, {{answer_10363140}}? *

What is your brand name, if you have one?

Where can we find your website, if you have one?

What is your brand mission? *

Let us know about your brand values and what you want your brand to ultimately be and do.
If your brand were a person, which of the following word clouds do you feel would best describe them?

Select a group that best describes the mood you want to generate from your brand.
Can't find a fit?  Enter your own custom text in the 'Other' box.

About your target market

{{answer_10363140}}, who are your target customers? *

How old are your target customers? *

And what is their socioeconomic status? *

How will they find and learn about your brand? *

Which of the following marketing inputs is most likely to influence your customers' buying decision? *

What else can you tell us about your customers, {{answer_10363140}}? *

Briefly describe their values, decision-making process and, if you already have a brand, how they currently perceive it.
About This Project

If you are interested in engaging in multiple projects (ie. graphic design + web design, etc.) please enter that into the 'other' field.  If the budgets are separate, please complete a separate form for each.

Which services are you most interested in? *

Please provide a short project summary to help us better understand what you are trying to achieve. *

Make sure to specify your deliverable requirements (goals and objectives) and deadlines, as well as any particular design standards or constraints you would like us to take into account.
Realistic expectations are key to successful and ongoing business relationships.  When determining your budget, please be mindful of your project scope, as they will need to coincide for the project to move forward successfully.

What is your budget range for this project, {{answer_10363140}}? *

If  you have multiple projects, please complete a project budget for each at the end of this survey.  Please note all projects require a 50% down payment before beginning.  If you would like to enter your specific budget, please do so in the 'Other' box.

The Studio is known for exceptional attention to detail and commitment to the clients vision.  However, we can only achieve this when realistic goals are set up front, please keep this in consideration when setting project timelines.

Is this project needed in less than 2 weeks (business days)? *

{{answer_10363140}}, please note, we do our best to meet all of our clients needs, on target and on schedule.  Projects that require a less than 2 week turnaround may impact other projects currently under contract,  therefore all rush projects are subject to a rush fee.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accomodate all such requests.
What is your projected timeline for completion? *

The following 3 questions are to help us get a sense of  where you would like to go.

Feel free to skip any or all of them if you see that none of the options shown work for your brand.
Please list 3 sites or competitors that you admire and why.

Links, descriptions, references are all very helpful to understand you.  In addition to what you like feel free to also state what you do not like, and why.
Which of the following designs would suit your brand the best?

Which of these colors do you feel best represents your brand?

And if you had to choose one of these fonts for your brand, which would you choose?

More About You

{{answer_10363140}}, what is your last name? *

How soon are you looking to engage? *

Could we grab your phone number?

Include your area code. Please exclude any symbols and spaces.
Do you have extra information, comments or requests you would like us to consider? *

{{answer_10363140}} this is a great place to put any info about project that would be helpful to us.  Project phases, budget constraints, or deliverable priorities. (ie.  My web budget is $3500, my graphics budget is less than $500, we can do the projects in phases, I need A. done first, B is less of a priority, etc.)

I acknowledge that the above provided information will be used as a mutual business inquiry only and does not bind myself or The Kreativ Studio, Inc. to a working relationship now or in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire!  We will be in touch soon.

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